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ACES May 2016

Chairman Dave welcomed everyone along and apologies had been received from Mike and Brenda, Geoff, Chris Adam and Jaclyn and Ben. Dave asked everyone who was on Facebook to ensure they were friends with the “ACES Magic, Lewes” page as often updates, reminders were placed there.

Tonight's programmed meeting had been re-titled to “Star Tricks” and Dave was up first cutting a deck into three piles and correctly naming the top card. He followed this with a Phil trick (Trevor Duffy version) and offered reminiscences of Trevor and his lecture at the club a good few years ago. Good stuff Dave.

Patrick shared a very well performed book test with John finding a random word from a random page from a randomly chosen book.

John had decided to share a few of his favourite effects including a haunted fiver, a very visual change of a £10 to a £5 note. Following on from this and with Rick helping a chosen card appeared on a matching silk handkerchief and finally a disappearing deck after finding a chosen card. Well performed John.

Rick had decided that he would do his audition this evening and he started with a very funny routine the “Vanishing Bandana”. He then performed a lovely one handed cut and followed this with his very own version of a 52 card repeat (watch out Rick, Martin might pinch this one!) He continued with a chosen signed card rediscovered on his forehead and finished with a brilliant ring to shoelace.

After tea, most of the discussion was about the upcoming show on 7 July in Eastbourne. Rick, Martin and Nicky had now visited the venue twice and had numerous conversations with the organisers. Tickets were priced at £20 a head and Rick had been assigned stage management and sound technician roles. He is conscious that ACES must offer a professional show at all costs and acts were encouraged to rehearse ahead of the show. All music should be handed to him so he can download this to his laptop for ease of use. So far the running order looks like:

    1.    Patrick – classics of magic ie. Rings, floating table, chop cup
    2.    Rick
    3.    John aka Pierre
    4.    Geoff - manipulations
    5.    Dave
    6.    Martin & Nicky – Floating ball, levitation and rabbit

We had been in touch with Chris Nicholls and it is hoped that he can join us and perhaps perform some of his cups and balls in the foyer of the venue prior to the show. He will keep us posted on this one.

A busy meeting finished at 10.00pm (although packing up didn't finish until nearly 20 minutes later!)

Important notes

Members are asked to bring their routines along on Wednesday 8 July so we can have a quick run through please. The Tony Richards Competition will take place during the second half of the evening.

Rick has requested that all members who are going to perform let him have their music (if any) and he will put all of this on his laptop and work the sound from there.

After much nagging from Martin and Nicky, the Sussex has decided on their categories for July's Tri-Wizard Competition. They have come up with Close-up, Mentalism and Stage … not very original but if you are interested in taking part, please let Dave or Martin know ASAP.

AGM papers to be distributed during June's meeting.

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