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Join A.C.E.S magic club

ACES Magic Society is a friendly East Sussex based group of performing magicians who meet once a month.

Membership is open to working magicians and performers, enthusiasts, collectors and all those who love the art of magic.

Full members are required to undertake an audition after 3 visits to the club. This should be no more than 10 minutes long and is not to assess capability of performance or a judged presentation, simply to ensure that full members are not just joining to learn secrets but that they will become full participants within the society. Full membership for 2014/15 is £28.00.

Junior membership is available to those between 12 and 16 with minimal subscription costs. Associate members (often spouses/partners of full members) are also very welcome. Associate members are not able to vote during AGMs and competitions. Junior members can however do this. A supervising adult (usually a parent or it can be shared between both parents) is encouraged to join the club for members between 12-15 as Associate members although after 14 this is at the discretion of the parent/carer. Juniors and Associates membership fee for 2014/2015 is £14.00.

Annual subs are due immediately after the annual AGM in July

Download a Membership Form Here

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